My Morning Devotion Prayer

God give us grace
not to abandon the secret place.
It is the only way we’ll sustain
this full-scale culture change.
Let it change the atmosphere;
what once was foggy you’ll make clear.
May we not be stuck in tradition
but long for God’s untainted rendition.
It is your way
it is our Plan A
What’s Plan B?
We have none–no need.
You know why, when, where and how.
You know how ridiculous to us it may sound.
But our job is to simply obey,
Trusting in you trusting in your way.


What do you do when Jesus says…

Leave the dead to bury the dead;
By me you are to be led.
I have no home, no place to lay my head;
You must choose me over your bed.
Drink my blood, eat my flesh;
This world will think your reason is a mess.
Sell all you have and give to the poor
I guarantee following me will not be a bore.
Take up your cross and follow me.
Yes, I expect you to die to yourself daily.
With me you are guaranteed persecution.
It come when you make Christ your life resolution.
The road is narrow, the way isn’t wide;
the only way to make it is have me as your guide.
I am the way, the truth, and the life.
I want the church to arise and become my wife.
What’s your response to my call,
to let go of the destiny that follows the fall.
I say yes, yes to your sacrifice of love.
I say yes, I’ll set my eyes on things above.
I say yes, yes to the cost
I say yes, I’ll count all but you as loss.

The Truth of Ruth

Well its here again,
The fear to which you give in;
questioning do you have this right,
is it really worth the fight?
The next steps yours to take
but this faith can often feel fake.
How can you be sure?
When does faith become pure?
Is it okay that you need
Him to take complete lead?
But that alone wont solve it.
You want one “fix all” kit.
It seems you don’t know how to follow.
When did your head become so hollow?
Can He who leads be by your side
also as your all knowing guide?
You despise how the enemy lurks.
You just want to know how this all works.
But despite this despair,
You know you need to share
this journey your taking
Gods working in the making.
There are thought in your heart and head,
something needing to be said.
Despite confusion
and feeling it could all be illusion
You will push on
for you are strong
because of His grace
though theres time you cant see His face.
Day by Day and step by step
You’ll say to God, “Come be my help.”
For it’s more than what you feel
you can’t deny God is real
God is truth
and with a heart like Ruth
you choose to say
with these words you pray
Where you go
I will go
Where you stay
I will stay
What you pray
I will pray
You will be my God
And I will be your people.


I’ve heard it said before,
“You’re gonna need a sword
in this life you’re in
for it’s not all there is.
There is a battle above
fighting for the love
of every woman, child, and man.
You must choose where you’ll stand.
If you choose him,
he’ll let you give in
to your flesh’s desires
while he guides you to the fire.
If you go with this One,
you must take part in His son.
Your life becomes free,
but His you will always be.
With the first it may seem
to the world your happy,
but at the end you’ll uncover
what no man was created to discover.
With the second you’ll see
it’s far from easy,
but when it comes to the end
you would choose Him again.
For the love He gave,
how your life he choose to save,
was worth the exchange
of denying that which shamed.

Does Jesus know you?

Are you a goat or a sheep?
A liar and a thief,
or a child of the King?
Do you heal the sick with a lie,
or do you heal the sick to glorify
the One who sits upon the throne?
The intentions of your heart will be made known.
It’s very clear
when sheep hear
the voice of a liar
or the man with eyes of fire.
There will come a day
when all will say,
“Jesus is Lord.”
including the ones slain by His sword.
There is a fire blazing,
one that is raging.
Through it all must walk
and no longer live by talk.
All chaff is denied,
and all gold is refined.
What makes it through,
that which one should pursue,
is the soul of a man
covered in the blood of the Lamb.